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Blue is the Color of the User Interface, Number Inc. Issue No. 99, September 10, 2019. Image: Charles O’Rear, Bliss (1996) digital photograph.

Critics Pick: Terra Incognita at Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville Scene, June 7, 2019. Image: Andy Harding, Stellar Diaspora (2019).

Alchemy Abounds in Texturextra at Zeitgeist, Nashville Scene, June 6, 2019. Image: Zipporah Camille Thompson, Blue Haze Equinox (2019).


Critics Pick: Insight Series, Jessica Ingram, Nashville Scene, February 7, 2019. Image: Jessica Ingram, Armstrong Tire and Rubber Company, Natchez, Mississippi (2007) from “Road Through Midnight”.

Vadis Turner: Bedfellows at Zeitgeist Gallery, Art Index, December 22, 2018.Image: Vadis Turner, Black and White Quilt Vessel and Leaning Cloud Quilt Vessel (2018).

The Sun Never Sets: Mapping Digital Colonialism, Number Inc. Issue No. 97, Spring 2019. Image: Clem Onojeghuo, Beach_Blue_Water_Horizon (2015), 5507 x 3342 pixels, digital photograph.

Transcript: Art, Justice, and Democracy: Holland Cotter, Art Index, November 20, 2018. Image: Olu Oguibe, detail of Monument for Stranger and Refugees (2017). Photo by Ferenc Eln.


Notes on Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors at the High Museum of Art, Art Index, December 10, 2018. Yayoi Kusama, Infinity Nets (2005) © Yayoi Kusama.


Interview: Nancy Floyd, Issue No. 13, AINT-BAD, November 2018

In Conversation: Maya Hawk, AINT-BAD, August 29, 2018. Image: Maya Hawk, from “Just Looking” at Everybody Gallery (2018).


Transcript: Out of Easy Reach: Allison Glenn, Art Index, November 15, 2018. Image: Sheree Hovsepian, Sway (2017) in Out of Easy Reach at Stony Island Arts Bank.


Melt My Heart But Spare My Soul: Conversation with Allison Glenn, César Leal, and Greg Pond, Art Index, November 18, 2018. Installation image of guncotton (2018), mixed media sound installation; The Judo of Cold Combustion (2018), video. Image by Sarah-Anne Wagoner. Courtesy of Stove Works.


Janet Decker Yanez: Evolution, Nashville Arts Magazine, August 1, 2018. Image: Janet Decker Yanez, Worn, Tattered and Torn (2014).


Painting in the Post-Digital: James Perrin at Tinney Contemporary, Nashville Arts Magazine, June 1, 2018. Image: James Perrin, A Last Moment (2017)


Vesna Pavlović’s “MixTape” at Zeitgeist Gallery, BURNAWAY, October 25, 2018. Image: Vesna Pavlović, Makbet/One, 1996


A Sublime Obfuscation: Kevin Jerome Everson at Seed Space, The Rib, May 2, 2018. Image: Production still from Polly One (2018, 6:12, color, silent), Copyright Kevin Jerome Everson; courtesy the artist.


Dialectics of Place(s): Land Report Collective, The Rib, April 25th, 2018. Image: Leticia Bajuyo. “Turf Rolls” (2017) Installation view. Courtesy of Coop Gallery and Land Report Collective. Photo: Brian Jobe.


Slow Drag: In Conversation With Karen Seapker, BURNAWAY, February 6, 2018. Image: Karen Seapker, Cradle (2017).


Demetrius Oliver: Aeriform, Nashville Arts Magazine, September 1, 2017. Image: Demetrius Oliver, Aeriform (detail), (2017).


Joel Daniel Phillips: Welcome to the Orange West, Nashville Arts Magazine, October 1, 2017. Image: Joel Daniel Phillips, Land Run / This Land Was Not Your Land (2017).